Director of the Sulyukta Humanitarian and Economic Institute Batken State University Ph.D., Associate Professor

Kambarov Aiipbek Kadirovich

Sulyukta Humanitarian and Economic Institute Batken State University

 In accordance with the agreement on cooperation in the field of training and retraining of specialists concluded between the Sulyukta City Council, the local administrations of the Leilek and Batken districts and Osh State University, taking into account the shortage of specialists with higher education in the above regions, as well as in Kyrgyz-language schools located in the neighboring republics of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, the Rector of Osh State University B. On 02.05.1996, Beshimov opened an educational and advisory center of the Osh State University for the training of secondary school teachers in the city of Sulukta. And on May 30, 1998, by Order No. 48 of the Rector of OSU, the OSU educational and advisory center was opened in Sulukta.

On July 27, 2000, the Sulukta branch of OSH State University became part of BatSU on the basis of Decree No. 190 of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic “On the establishment of Batken State University”. On January 11, 2001, the Sulukta branch of OSU was renamed the Sulukta Humanitarian and Economic Institute of Batken State University, in 2016, on February 19, the Humanitarian and Economic Institute of Batken State University, in 2017, the Sulukta Regional Institute on the basis of No. 01-04 order of the rector of BatSU. In accordance with the decision of the Academic Council of BatSU 2021, on February 22, by general Protocol No. 3, on March 9, 2021, at a meeting with the rector of BatSU, he was named the Sulyukta Humanitarian and Economic Institute. Based on the order of the Rector of BatSU, Doctor of Economics, Professor A.T. Gyazov, 2022, March 28, 03-03/55, Ph.D., Acting Assoc. Baygesekov Abdibait Mazhitovich was appointed director of the Sulukta Humanitarian and Economic Institute of BatSU..

A total of 1202 students study full-time and part-time. The aim of the Institute is to train highly qualified, creative specialists who meet modern requirements. The structure of the Institute consists of one faculty, two departments, an educational and methodological department, as well as a department of secondary vocational education.

The material and technical base of the Institute has created full conditions for the training of modern specialists. 6 academic buildings, two educational libraries consisting of general scientific and popular science books, as well as a student dormitory are widely used to serve students. In order to organize the educational process based on new technologies, educational institutions are equipped with new-style computers, photocopies, scanners, printers, modems and projectors, televisions, interactive whiteboards and are connected to a wireless network. The teaching staff of the educational institution has prepared educational, teaching and methodological complexes, programs in accordance with the requirements in the areas of training. Adaptation-pedagogical, professionally-oriented, professionally-basic practice is organized according to the curricula and schedule of the educational process on the basis of contracts with the departments of education and enterprises-institutions of Sulukta and Laylyaksky district. And in the pedagogical direction, training for students preparing for the direction, practice is conducted with the participation of a supervisor, a teacher, a psychologist. The results of the practices are published at the conference “the state and prospects of practical training”.

The staff of the teaching staff, along with the educational process, conducts research activities in the following scientific areas: functional and applied research, closely related to the educational process, in the preparation of highly qualified teachers, economists, engineers.

  • – Study of the linguistic features of the Southwestern region of Kyrgyzstan (phonetics, dialectics, vocabulary);
  • – Study of the ecology of the South-Western region of Kyrgyzstan;
  • – Study of ethnology of the South-Western region of Kyrgyzstan;
  • -Socio-economic situation and prospects for the development of the city of Sulukta;
  • – Pedagogical thoughts in the works of writers of the South-Western region.

And research is also conducted in the field of problems of folk pedagogy, psychology, folklore, socio-humanitarian and economic areas, in mathematics and physics. The teaching staff of the Institute takes an active part in scientific-theoretical, scientific-practical conferences held in higher educational institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic, in the countries of the near and far abroad (Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Russia) at the International republican and regional levels. Closely cooperates with foreign universities: Khojent State University, Tajik State University of Law, Business and Politics, Tajik State University of Commerce.

Based on the trilateral agreement concluded within the framework of the Osh Declaration, our students study at Osh State University for academic mobility. One of the main structures of educational work at the Sulukta Humanitarian and Economic Institute of Batken State University is the youth committee. The plan of educational work is approved by the director of the Institute at the beginning of the academic year and is the main document that guides the activities of the Institute. The main task of the Institute is to prepare highly educated, socially in demand, versatile, stable civil positions, loving the Motherland, not indifferent to its future, patriotic, healthy, spiritually rich specialists. Together with the structures that carry out the social and educational activities of the educational institution, the curators carry out planned work. The teaching staff of the university, students-teachers of various societies taking place in the city, the republic actively participate in events and actions. The Elite Youth Club is provided with musical equipment for cultural events. Sports games include volleyball, football, basketball, table tennis, toguz korgool, chess clubs. The athletes of the Institute have repeatedly won championships in sports: volleyball, basketball, football, wrestling and chess at the city, regional, republican levels.