Faculty of Pedagogy and Economy of Batken State University.


Head of Chair 

Sh. Z. Elmuratov

          To solve the need for providing pedagogical, engineering and economic personnel of the South-Western region of Kyrgyzstan, in 1996 the Department of Natural Sciences was established on the basis of the Sulyukta branch of Osh State University.

In connection with the opening of economic specialties and in order to improve the educational process in 1998, the Department of Financial and Economic Disciplines was separated from the department.

Based on the Decree of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic No. 190 dated July 25, 2001, the Sulukta Humanitarian-Economic Institute of Batken State University was established at the bases of the branches of Osh State University and Osh Technical University.

On the basis of the order of the Director of the EHEI of the BatSU, dated September 1, 2009, the department was renamed to the Department of Economics, Management and Law.

October 1, 2013 in connection with the association of the departments of “Economics, Management and Law”, “Technical Education” and “Mathematics and Information Technology” the department was renamed the department “Economics and Technical Education.”

In 2016, on the basis of the decision of the BatU State University, the department was renamed the Department of Natural Sciences and Information Technologies.

Currently, the department enrolled students in the following areas and profiles:

Name .  Position held,  degree
1. Tukhtaev TM Ph.D., professor
2. Tolubaev J.A. Ph.D., associate professor
3. Tagaev M. Art. teacher
4. Saidaliev MD st. teacher
5. Baygesekov A.M. st. teacher
6. Kambarov A.K. st. teacher
7. Abdurakhmanova Z. Art. teacher
8. Kumarbayev R.M. teacher
9. Elmuratov Sh.Z. teacher
10. Zhaynakov R.M. teacher
11. Orunbaev E.S. teacher
12. Islamov A.T. teacher
13. Abdurakhmanova S.A. teacher
14. Asanova N.S. teacher
15. Mitalip A. teacher
16. Kuldashev B.A. teacher
17. Momunov, T.O. teacher


The purpose of the department “Natural Sciences and Information Technologies”. according to a market economy, prepare highly qualified personnel in the south-western region of the Republic.
To contribute to the improvement of the scientific potential of the Kyrgyz Republic, to create conditions for the development of the national and regional economy by conducting scientific research and to prepare scientific personnel.


  •  Improving the theoretical, methodological knowledge of teachers,
     In connection with the trainees to the classes, to provide study guides (books) in sufficient quantity and appropriate level,
     Organization of independent work of students,
     Teaching in the classroom the systematic application of the achievements of new technologies, audio-video materials, didactic materials.

Currently, the department enrolled students in the following areas and profiles:

CodeDirections of trainingPreparation profile
1510200Applied Mathematics and InformaticsApplied Mathematics and Informatics
2580100EconomicsFinance and Credit, Accounting and Audit, Tax and Tax
3550200Physics and Mathematics EducationMathematics
4532000Physical educationPhysical education
5550100Science EducationBiology

International cooperation of the department.

In accordance with the strategic objectives aimed at integrating into the global educational space, the department for personnel training establishes links with leading universities of the republic of the Kyrgyz State National University. Z. Balasagyn, KSTU. I.Razzakov, Osh State University, Osh Technical University, KSPU them. I.Arabaev, BSU named after I.Karasayev, KRSU them. B. Yeltsin, KSAFiS, MUK, KEU them. M.Ryskulbekov, Turkish University of Chanakkale named March 18, as well as the Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, universities of the near abroad KSU named after B.Gafurova, etc.