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Kyzyl-Kya Pedagogical Institution


Director of Bat SU KPI

Isacov Zhanybek Mamatovich




Mission and purposes.

Training of competitive, multilingual specialists with scientific and creative potential to ensure the socio-economic development of the region.

History of the Institute.

The social and pedagogical Institute of Bat GSU was established in 1997 as an educational and Advisory center of Osh state University (Osh SU). On may 28, 1998 on the basis of the order No. 46 of the rector of Osh SU, academician, Professor B. Murzubramova was refarmed into the Kyzyl-ky branch of Osh SU. On December 8, 2000,  Kyzyl-kiya branch of Osh SU was transformed into the Kyzyl-kiya humanitarian and pedagogical Institute of Batken State University. The research grant, maintained by the Department of science under the Ministry of education and science of the Kyrgyz REPUBLIC, won a project written by the Institute’s staff. Teachers of the faculty of Humanities in 2012 and 2013: M. M.:S. Tayirov, Zhalilov A., Mitalipov K., Tairov H., Azimbayev B., U. Orunbayev introduced research works for the research grant. In 2020, the rector’s order Bat SU converted to Kyzyl-Kiya pedagogical Institute, Director of the institute  was appointed Isakov Zhanybek Mamatovich. We are proud that graduates of the Institute work in different parts of our Republic. Currently, 45% of teachers from nearby schools in Nookat, Kadamjai and Aravan districts are our graduates At present  the Institute successfully employs 99 instructors and 17 supplementary  workers. Including: 1 Doctor, Professor, 16 candidates of science, associate professors, 1 candidate of science, 14 senior instructors, 58 instructors. On the part of the teachers, Educational and methodical complexes were created by the teachers for specific courses, and was uploaded to the AVN  where it is possible to organize on-line   classes with distance learning. Nowadays, there 2012 high degree full-time and distance learning students and 833 college students. The theme of scientific research – in the region in the southwest is directly related to the problems of the region: ethnographic, pedagogical and historical problems of identity, traditions, customs, folklore, flora and fauna are investigated. For the period 2000-2019 as a result of research Institute 2 doctoral and 26 candidate dissertations have been depended. “The plan of the concept development Bat SU KPI until 2020” was developed on the basis of the point of view presented in the following:

  • improvement of business and professional qualifications of teachers of the Institute in scientific and educational centers of the Republic and foreign countries.

  • expansion of international relations.

  • finding funds for the publications of methodological usages, workshops publications, for teachers and students;

  • orientation to the state international standards of education quality;

  • reaching all segments of the population in education, improving the quality and efficiency of services;

In order to integrate into the world educational space, conditions for training have been created, 5 computer classes are run by the Institute. These classrooms are fully equipped with modern computers and projectors, three of which are connected to the Internet. 5 indoor sport halls (gymnastic, athletic, Boxing, volleyball, weightlifting and tennis halls) and a football field are prepared and functioning. The audit platform for students studying in the profile served by the Institute meets the requirements. The book Fund of the library of the Institute has more than 56 thousand copies, 3 reading rooms, 2 subscription rooms – in the services of students and teachers. There is a student dining room with 80 seats and a medical cervice. Kyzyl –Kiya pedagogical Institute Bat SU trains specialists in the following specialties: Pedagogical faculty:

  • Profile of physics

  • The profile of mathematics

  • Computer science profile

  • Biological profile

  • Profile of pedagogic and methods of primary education

  • Profile of physical training (specialty)

Faculty of Humanities

  • Kyrgyz language and literature profile

  • Russian language and literature profile

  • Foreign language profile

  • History profile

Department of secondary vocational education

  • Teaching in primary classes

  • Social pedagogic

  • Applied informatics

  • Preschool education


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