Head of chair 

Asanova Sakina Alimbekovna

             The Chair of Natural Science and Mathematics is one of the oldest chair of the faculty, which in 2018 turns to 17 years old. At the source of its foundation and the first head, who worked from 2001 to 2008, was D.Tech.Science, Professor Ismat Aminovich Saydaminov. In the memoirs of his colleagues and students, he remained a kindly enthusiastic person, for whom work was the meaning of his life.From 2008 to 2017, the department was headed by Candidate of Economic Sciences, senior teacher Borybaeva Gulbara and senior teacher Bekmamatov Zamirbek Moldoshevich continued to work actively, implementing an individual approach in the education and training of the future specialist. From the 2017 to the present, Samatova Abiba Abdilamitovna Samatova is the Head of the Department, Associate Professor of the Department, Ph.D.

Educational and methodical work

Currently, the department trains specialists in biological, economic and mathematical directions. The main mission of the department is to prepare highly qualified and meeting all modern requirements of employers and the community of specialists.

For an optimal combination of theoretical and practical knowledge, the department has lecture halls and laboratories equipped with modern technical means, interactive boards, computers, projectors, etc. The department employs 1 doctors of science, 5 candidates of science, 2 honored workers of education and science, more than 12 highly qualified teachers.               Training is carried out according to the curriculum drawn up on the basis of the State Educational Standard and approved by the first Vice-Rector of the BatSU. Classes are held in accordance with the approved schedule. The work programs in the disciplines of the department as a whole meet the requirements of the State Standards and model programs, correspond to the volume of hours of the curriculum, meet the regulatory requirements. Work programs are equipped with a list of basic and additional literature, the department has lists of the availability of the training fund, the availability of literature.Following the course of integration, innovation and investment in the long-term development plans of BatSU, the department considers the main task of planning and implementing educational and methodical work is the problem of improving the quality level of programs, lecture courses and other types of educational work. A special concern of the current moment is the introduction of modern innovative learning technologies.In this regard, systematically monitored the progress of the introduction in the educational process of new educational and methodical literature, technical and information tools. The department is equipped with a projector with a portable screen, which is actively used by teachers and students during classroom and pedagogical practices. Constantly the projector was activated by our teachers. Teachers build all open classes in the mode of using this technical tool.

Research work
The scientific research work of the department is carried out according to the approved scientific topics on the basis of drawn up plans. They are based on a common scientific topic and are being successfully implemented in practice. Of particular note is the scientific work of students. An example is the presentation of students of the department in various scientific conferences, symposia, their participation in the implementation of international research projects. As part of the implementation of this scientific topic, the department held one regional scientific conferences. The members of the department are published and participate in international and regional scientific conferences with reports, which was reflected in the publication of articles, teaching aids. They significantly replenished the provision of the department with educational and methodological literature in addition to those that are in the library collections on the subjects of the department.